• Fully automated

    Winning opportunities/quotes in the CRM create a co-responding   sales order in the ERP. Linkage is created and kept between the opportunity and the sales order.
    Prospect account and contacts are becoming customers in the ERP data

  • Entities sync

    Essential entities such as product catalogue, Price books, contacts and other data required for the business process on both platforms are kept synchronized, keeping the principle of "maintain once- use many"

  • Error handling

    The system provides an automatic re-processing of data which wasn't synchronized due to any temporary problem or downtime. 

    Give visibility using reports as well as access to a detailed explicit log, allowing you to monitor the processed data and identify errors caused by incorrect/insufficient data

Grow your efficiency and profit by creating one integrated seamless Lead-to-cash process.

Harness the agility of your Salesforce CRM and the power of your Priority ERP, join them into one fluent process where opportunities and quotes are turned into sales orders to be fulfilled.

Our Joto™ (Join opportunity to order) connector handles a bi-directional bridging of the two applications seamlessly via their native APIs. Beside of streaming the main process, it handles the synchronization of master data and the required entities, such as contacts, products, price books, etc.

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