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Do Priority ERP or Salesforce CRM have a native connection?

In short, no, they do not. Both applications share a similar approach (which is quite common nowadays, mainly in the cloud environment), providing system openness via a secure and reliable API, enabling customers or 3rd parties to easily build integrations, add-ons, etc.

An integrator offered to build us a "tailor-made" interface between the systems. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s possible. There are many ways to build an integration, however, if it's not built using a native API, sooner or later, it will require maintenance. For example, changes or upgrades (in either the CRM or ERP), will probably require code modification. Security is another important issue to consider. Other questions you should ask are: On which platform (database, programming language, etc.) will the interface be developed? Does it require additional hardware? Will it be documented for future maintenance?

What does API stand for?

API is the abbreviated term Application Program Interface. It is a type of protocol that enables external code to communicate with objects and features inside an application, and either trigger it into action, retrieve data, or enter data into it. For example, you can write code that contains a customer record (e.g. name, address, email, phone, etc.) directly from a spreadsheet to the ERP system, and let it create a customer record in the customer table. Typically, API is a software library that holds a collection of classes which act as a "black box". Based on its documentation, you are made aware of what types of actions are available, and the corresponding response you can receive. You don't know, however, what and how it works inside the application itself.

We customized our ERP/CRM. Does Join.Solutions support it?

It depends on the case. An out-of-the-box solution can support mapping data between custom fields and is done as part of the initial system setup. More complex customization will require modifications, which we can, in specific cases, build for you, depending on their nature and complexity. Please contact us for more information and to receive a quote for this service, if applicable.

What versions of the ERP/CRM are supported?

To successfully deploy Join.Solutions, both applications should include an accessible API, and are supported by the following software versions: Priority Software: ver. 18 and above Salesforce* : Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition * Note: Salesforce Professional Edition does not include API access by default, however, it can be purchased directly from Salesforce. Consult with your Salesforce account manager for details. For additional information on Salesforce editions and APIs click here

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